Berojgar Kalyan Sangh is working in T.B Control Programme under Axshya Project with the support of Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) at 4 blocks of Ranchi District. Under this programme, Axshya Samwad has been organized at Sarwa village at Mandar Block in the month of May, 2016. Here, a person has been found by the volunteer Basanti Khalkho, that the person is having the symptoms of T.B. So, firstly she collected the sputum of that patient. And again, next day morning his second sputum was collected and was taken to nearest DMC, i.e., Mandar DMC. Then, at the lab, the sputum of the person was tested and after the test, the result comes out positive. That means that the person is T.B patient.The T.B patient name was Asfik Ansari, age 28 of Sarwa Village. The patient was informed of his disease & was put under DOTS course. It means that the patient has to take medicines for 6 months, until the patient is fully cured.  The patient started taking medicines from that day. But, after taking medicines for few days, the patient stop taking medicines, as he is not believing that the medicines received from the DMC is not good and he can’t be cured.
So, this time he went to a Private Hospital and got tested. Here also, the report shows same result. So, he started the taken medicine which was prescribed by the private hospital. But, this time there is difference, that is, he has to pay for the medicines, as in previous case he was receiving medicines free of cost under Government Scheme.
But, the mentality of the people was so good that they believes that the things which comes free of cost doesn’t do anything and the thing which comes for a cost is good as comparison to free one.
When this information was come to us, we discussed with the CHAI representative and we decided to visit him. So, next day, Mrs. Anita Jaiswal, President, BKS along with Ms. Dolly Palai, District Coordinator, Ranchi went to meet him.
There, we convince the patient to take the medicines which he received from the DMC. But, he is not agreeing on it. So, we asked the patient to take out both the packets of the medicines received from both the places. Then, we show the patient that the ingredients in both the medicines are same. So after seeing it & convincing him, he agrees to continue medicines received from the DMC. And till now, he is continuing the medicines.


Berojgar Kalyan Sangh is running T.B Control Programme under Axshya Project with the support of Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) at 4 blocks of Ranchi District. Under this programme, Axshya Samwad has been organized at Haril Panchayat at Mandar Block, in which a person having the symptom of T.B has been found. So, the sputum of that patient, i.e., Jubel Ekka, age 45 has taken to nearest DMC & tested at DMC, Mandar. After testing at the Lab, it has been found that the patient is having T.B; it means the result comes out positive.
After that, the Organization volunteers went to meet him, where they come to know about him. He lives alone with his 6 year grandson, who is mentally disturb in their home because his wife has been dead in the past  & his daughter & son in law is also dead. He also have eye sight problem, due to which he is unable to see things clearly. The financial condition is also not good, so he has to depend upon other for daily livelihood. His neighbour’s provide him food & other things.
Before meeting with the Organization persons, people were not aware that he is a T.B Patient. With the help of T.B Forum the matter was discussed in the forum where CHAI DC was present she took the things on a serious note and with the forum members decide to meet the patient and provide him one month ration, he has given One month Ration & his grandson has been sent to his distant Aunt’s house & after that he has been admitted at T.B Sanatorium, Itki.
In March, 2015, patient was met by Dolly Palai, District Coordinator, CHAI, Sister Britto & Anita Jaiswal, Organization BKS, where they come to know that his health condition is upgrading & he is looking healthier and fitter from previous. He interact with everyone & thankful us for supporting him. He is right now taking treatment.

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Berojgar Kalyan Sangh is a State Level   registered   Voluntary Organization established in 2003 by a group of great and dedicated social workers and educationists of tremendous vision as response to the general mass & to provide information's regarding Government Scheme of Assistance and create awareness among rural / urban population. Organization has been registered by I.G. of registration, Government of Jharkhand, Department of Registration, Ranchi in 2003.Berojgar Kalyan Sangh has taken developmental initiatives in planning, designing, execution, implementation of programmes in the field of Health, Education, Training, Agriculture, Income & Employment Generation and Awareness Programme.