The HRP of BKS is for the development of staff members, so BKS will strive to create & nurture an environment where its staff develop their competencies and aspirations by:

            Facilitating the implementation of human resource policies and practices in a clear & sensitive manner to enable the achievement of the mission of the organization.

          Devising systems that would result in an Organizational climate conducive to developing the potential of human resources & providing opportunities for its fulfillment.

          Enabling all members of the BKS Team to share a stated set of Human Resource policies and procedures which are consistent and keeping with BKS’s core rules.

          Striving to achieve Gender Equity & enriching its Human Resources by proactively facilitating adequate diversity in its staffing patterns.

          Building and enduring a foundation for potential for professional relationships in the Organization.

          Constantly endeavoring to explore alternatives in the efficient ways of working.

     By accepting employment with BKS, staff agrees to work in a responsible, disciplined & productive manner. They also agrees to maintain acceptable standards of performance, to be loyal to the organization, to act in a manner conducive to the achievement of its mission, to respect its value & expected behaviors and to abide by its rules & regulations.

The purpose of disciplinary procedures is to help those not meeting acceptable standards of conduct to assess their shortcomings, in a effort to ensure fairness and consistency in line with BKS values. Any act of misconduct will be dealt with according to the disciplinary guidelines. Appropriate action will be taken if individuals act in ways that conduct BKS values, attitudes and behaviors.

As members of the BKS team, every staff member will follow the following:-

          The staffs will behave in a responsible manner, inculcating the organization values and follow them in daily life and in all interactions with each other.

          Not indulge in activities prejudicial to the interests and reputation of the organization but will abide by the organization values, vision, mission, rules and regulations.

          Live by and conduct themselves with simplicity and humility in everything that is done.

          Show respect to the dignity of all colleagues, particularly women, minorities, differently disabled and other marginalized groups.

          In dealings with Partners, cultivate the ability to learn from experiences from the ground and also proactively share the learning across the organization.

          Both as individuals and as team work in a collaborative manner and in non- competitive spirit which will help synergize the strengths of the collective in taking the Organization forward.


BKS seeks to recruit competent individuals to work with partners, communities and other organizations the development field, towards enabling the impoverished, excluded and vulnerable people to achieve full citizenship rights and thereby lead a life of dignity and fulfillment.

          Recruitment Responsibility

          All recruitment will be done as per sanctioned project, strength, person power budget and organizational requirement and will be with the approval/ sanction of the Chief functionary.

          Development of Women

          Being a women headed organization BKS supports the promotion and development of women’s leadership by ensuring at least 50:50 ratio of women to men in the organization especially at senior levels.

           Equal Opportunity

          BKS vision is to work without distinction of sex, caste, creed, religion, race, colour, gender and ensure equal opportunity to develop their socio economic and cultural condition.

          Preference will however, be given to members of those social groups with whom BKS work, viz. tribals, Dalits, Indigenous people, muslim, most Backward Communities and others to ensure a equal opportunity at all levels. it shall be ensured that women in general as well as person with disability will be given preference.

          Staff Categories

          In BKS there will be the Regular/Permanent staff that hold permanent positions in the organization, as per sanctioned strength, subject however to the terms and conditions of Appointment.

          Temporary Staff

          Temporary personnel are those hired for short durations to undertake specific assignments/tasks. The remuneration of Temporary staff will be either on a daily basic or as a consolidated amount for the duration of their assignment.

          In Voluntary basic there will be the person who provides skill and services to the organization on a voluntary basic. They may or may not be provided with an honorarium.


The staff will be deputed as per requirements of the project. They have to submit the resume face interview and the selection person will be provided joining letter.

          The staff will be prefer that should be educated, honest, sincere and hard working with innovative ideas and ready to learn.

          Have good interpersonal and communicational skill. Knowledge of local language is desirable.

          The staff should have excellent organizing and coordination skill.

          Possess high degree of efficiently and willingness to work under pressure.

          Be willing to travel.

          Would ready to follow 10 holidays in a year with 12 Extra Holidays. The staff could use as per their need and requirement, in case of leave not used, there will be the provision of extra payment for the staff.

          Should follow No work No payment. However the staff will be paid at the end of the month regularly.

          Should participate every month staff meeting submit report and decided action plan for next month.

          The staff will be promoted as per their efficiency of their work performance.

          The working hour for office staff is 9.30 A.M-5P.M and field as per their convenience. If necessary extra duty will be done by the staff.


Appointments in staff shall be the responsibility of the chief functionary of the organization. After the selection process completed, further discussions in all respects, including salary will be carried out and finalized by the management. All appointments are required to be approved by chief functionary and the appointment letters issued to the selected candidate.

Up to six month the new staff will be under observation and incensement of payment depends on his credibility.

Staff Development

The organization will provide opportunities for staff development in order to meet staff needs related to core mission. The organization recognizes the need for a holistic approach to development is a continuous learning. A minimum of 2% of the total staff salary budget will be set aside for staff development.

Re- Orientation of Existing Staff

Reorientation of existing staff will be a regular feature to refresh their knowledge of the emerging demands of mission realization. This is proposed at three stages. And all the three components will have structured inputs through participatory processes.

          New strategy period- to create common understanding on the new strategic perspective and arriving at shared consensus for possible course of action for collectively operational zing the full Citizenship and human rights based approach.

          Mid Course of Strategy period to reflect on concept and practice through Praxis mode for repositioning on issues and initiatives.

          Change in roles when an internal staff member is assigned/ selection for a new role/ position.


Hours of Work

          The normal hours of work will be 9.30a.m. to 5.30 p.m. with a break of 30minutes for lunch, from Monday to Saturday. However, the hours of work for each position and duty station will take into account the nature of work, the local working practices and requirements of the office. Staff may be required to work beyond these hours if work requirements so demand.

          The field worker, office assistants, or any other staff, may be compensated for overtime, if any, as per need of work in organization.


          All staff members are expected to report on time for work. Habitual late coming is construed as a misconduct and may lead to appropriate disciplinary action. However flexible working hours would also apply to all staff, as per requirement.

Safe work environment 

          Under exceptional circumstances where women staff are required to work late i.e. up to 8 p.m. in summers and 7 p.m. in winters (1st April – 30th September will be treated as summer and 1st October – 31st March will be treated as winter), it shall be the responsibility of the administration to ensure that the women staff reach their residence safely.


           The organization will observe 10public holidays per year along with 12 extra holidays. All offices will compulsory observe the 3 national holidays (Republic Day – January 26, Independence Day – August 15, Gandhi Jayanti – 2 October), the rest of the holidays (7) would be decide by the administrative head of each office taking into account the local customs and Government regulation. The list of holidays will be issue in the month of December for the following year and advised to the HR Department. The responsibility of selecting and issuing the holiday will depend on the chief functionary.

House Keeping Practices

          All staff members are requested to keep their working environment cleans in order to adhere to good housekeeping practices. Organization tool/equipment must be properly cared for and maintained. However in case of problems encountered in relation to the equipment, staff must immediately notify administration, including ensuring necessary follow up to ensure that the fault/problem is rectified.

          All instructions issued from time to time relating attendance, office hours and any other administration related matters required to be notified shall be exhibited to the Notice board and circulated to all staff .

Code of Conduct

          The organization expects all staff members to regulate their conduct and work culture in keeping with the said norms. However, in case of any departure from the above, which amounts to misconduct organization will initiate appropriate proceedings in keeping with the principles to natural justice. It is essential for organization to review its HR policy practices from time to time to ensure systems remain robust, flexible, consistent and relevant to the organization’s needs related to organization mission, values, principles and culture. The review process may be done yearly.

HR Information System

          The HR function will maintain effective staff data systems through a database. Such data will be disaggregated by gender and diversity. The report generated by staff data systems will be used proactively by HR to analyze trends and to improve and refine systems and practices.

          Besides gender and diversity at all levels, data systems will record staff training and development activities and their impact, performance review records, staff attitude surveys, grievances, recruitment and staff turnover analysis and staff casualty together with data that meet local needs such as leave usage trends, organization age index, ratio of HR staff to overall staff, functional staffing ratio and staff support costs.

Staff Personal Information files

          The organization requires personal data relating to staff in order to perform its human resources functions including managing and developing its staff and complying with its statutory obligations as an employer. The organization management will maintain personal files of the staff which will contain the following:-

Application CV

          Copies of educational and professional qualifications.

          Information relating to dependents, report of medical examination as well as permanent address.

          Letter of confirmation of services.

          Records and documents from previous employment.

          Records of performance reviews and salary changes, updates and other relevant communications during tenure.

          Records of leave and leave without pay.

          Skill sets/aptitude/specialization.

          Leave sheet.

          Records of verbal warnings and letter of warning, if any.

          Records of letters of appreciation.

          Records of trainings, higher qualifications.

          Records of absenteeism, if any.

          Any other relevant information

          Payment of Salary




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Berojgar Kalyan Sangh is a State Level   registered   Voluntary Organization established in 2003 by a group of great and dedicated social workers and educationists of tremendous vision as response to the general mass & to provide information's regarding Government Scheme of Assistance and create awareness among rural / urban population. Organization has been registered by I.G. of registration, Government of Jharkhand, Department of Registration, Ranchi in 2003.Berojgar Kalyan Sangh has taken developmental initiatives in planning, designing, execution, implementation of programmes in the field of Health, Education, Training, Agriculture, Income & Employment Generation and Awareness Programme.